KLEENMATES LTD is a cleaning / hygiene and environmental services outfit. We are customer focused and customer driven, Our business philosophy of professional services with related capacity is the key to our success.

We provide professional quality health facility maintenance services that meet global standards using appropriate reagents that are certified by regulatory agencies.

About us
What Stands us Out


  • kleenmtes is a UNIDO / FME certified enterprise on the use of green and ozone friendly solvents
  • Our CEO is a National Expert to UNIDO on solvents under the Montreal Protocol on ODS phase-out program.
  • KLEENMATES’ CEO is a member of the National Ozone Advisory Committee.
  • Our reagent suppliers are UNIDO certified formulators of non-hazardous cleaning solution. Most cleaning service providers use detergents that contain carbon tetrachloride and methyl chloroform which not only deplets the ozone layer but are also very harmful to humans. WE DONT. These CTC and TCA cause skin cancer. They are harmful to asthmatic patients. OURS IS NOT. Risk of liver failure due to exposure to these chemicals is as high as 70%. OURS IS SAFE.
  • Use of latest Modern Technologies.
  • Nigeria’s first Ultrasonic / Blind Cleaner
  • Aquisition of Hyfrocarbon Cleaning Machines.
Some of Our Clients
Trevor West Africa | Holab Maritime Services Ltd | Woodpeckers Hotels Ltd | St Judes Hospital | Forest Oil and Gas Ltd | Baxras Oil and Gas Ltd | Centre for Enterprise Management & Research | Sebawatch Group | Tonak Concepts Ltd | Nouvea Foods

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